Dragonfly Global

Supply chain management consultants

We understand your supply chain has its unique nuances. We offer practical, no nonsense solutions to improve the effectiveness of your supply chain.

  • Evaluation and Management of Third Parties and Vendor Relationships
  • Supply Chain Reviews for Reducing Cost and Maximizing Forwarders/Broker Third Party Relationships
  • Global Sourcing Options
  • Vendor & P.O. Management
  • Negotiating Purchase Agreements and Contracts
  • Administration and Review of Request for Proposals
  • Structuring a Compliance Program that Fits with your Company's Profile
  • CTPAT Applications, Validations and Account Management
  • Create Global Security Training Program
  • Engineer and Instruct Training Programs for Trade Compliance Professionals on Import and Export
  • Compliance, Free Trade Agreements, Incoterms, Dangerous Goods, Deemed Exports, BIS and OFAC Regulations
  • Train Sales Force on Issues Affecting Supply Chains
  • Harmonized Tariff Classification Request
  • Commodity Jurisdiction Request
  • Develop Corrective Action Plans for Import Supply Chain Including Valuation, Tariff Classification, Country of Origin Determination, and Free Trade Declarations
  • Evaluate Buy America Applicability
  • Manage Government Agency Requirements
  • Import/Export Compliance Assessment
  • Meeting Export Licensing Requirements
  • Understanding How Government Regulations Apply to Your Business
  • Managing Export Documentation
  • Free Trade Agreement Applicability and Determinations
  • Training Personnel
  • Evaluation of Business Exposure for Risk Managers
  • Determining Special Needs Associated with Purchase/Sale
  • Drawback Analysis
  • Vendor Reviews
  • RFQ Management
  • Logistics Analysis
  • Sourcing Options
  • Compliance Assessments

Our team consists of seasoned logistics professionals. Our experience is your competitive advantage. We help you to meet your compliance responsibilities through sharing our knowledge and enabling you to enhance your skill sets. As we perform our supply chain compliance assessment, we take every opportunity to instruct and mentor your team. This enables continuity in the implementation of procedures. We remain available to you for one year after completion of our specific project work.